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Brownie Baking

Updated: Jan 29

Brownies have always been something I could never successfully bake and reason for that is because I don’t eat them… Shocking, right?

Now, I have made Brownies although a few years back. Yes, they were successful however realising now that the texture was completely wrong. Who eats a ‘Cakey’ Brownie’ not many people apparently.

It’s not as though I dislike them, I just find them far too rich for my personal taste. Because it’s not something I enjoy, I never thought it was necessary to practice, until now.

I’ve realised how high demand Brownies are and figured I should really buck my ideas up and get practicing.

So, I made some.

I never do take the easy way out so instead of just making standard Triple Chocolate Brownies, of course, I had to make Caramel Cornflake Brownies… I’ve made them before; I can do it again right? Wrong!

It took 3 attempts to make my Caramel which I have made successfully multiple times.

Once my Brownie had finished baking, I placed it in the fridge to chill. It was then

topped with the Caramel Cornflake mixture and left to set further.

Once this was cool enough, I was excited to cut it… My excitement didn’t last long as I was quickly addressed with raw Brownie batter as I approach the centre of the bake!


Take 2…

I used my gut instinct this time. I adjusted the recipe slightly and baked for 15 minutes longer and chilled overnight.


A rich, fudgey Brownie that I was eventually satisfied with! Safe to say, I made another batch a few days later just to make sure it wasn’t a fluke!

Consistency and persistence is Key!

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