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The Woman with many Important Jobs!

I had the privilege of being a Bridesmaid for a Friend of

many years! And a Beautiful day it was too!

What an AMAZING team we were. Would I do it again? 110%!!

I hear you ask, 'Who did the Cake because surely you didn't have enough time to do that as well?'

Of course I did the Cake. There was no part of me willing to accept defeat and turn down such an honourable request and knew that I could manage my Bridesmaid duties in a way that to make this work.

Which is exactly what I did!

As the week closed in, it was only natural to begin feeling nervous because of course, I wanted to make sure that everything was perfect.

The day before the Wedding

The Sponges were baked, the Buttercream was made so the assembling began. All tiers were filled and covered before being left in the fridge to chill/firm fully before stacking.

Once firm, the middle tier was stacked on top of the bottom and the rest was left until we arrived at the venue the following morning.

Here we go, the day had finally arrived!

*I just want to thank my Sister for being my personal door-opener! Now, living in a flat isn't all that bad but getting a 3 tiered Cake down the stairs independently proves to be rather difficult. Now, without her, this Cake (and many previous to this) would have ended up on the floor so I'm forever grateful for her getting out of bed earlier than planned, on many occasions!*

Wedding Day

I arrived at the Venue with the Cake in tow.

I come inside to see the blushing Bride-to-Be standing there. We opened a bottle of Moet and the 'getting ready' began.

I couldn't set the Cake up straight away due to the Reception room not being completely set up so I sat anxiously whilst having my Hair and Make-Up done hoping to be able to set the Cake up soon so that I could relax, just a little.

Once I was ready, the time came for set up. The top tier was stacked, some final Buttercream touches were made, the flowers were added and the Personalised 'Mr & Mrs Gardner topper was place on top. That being the final piece of the Beautiful puzzle. Perfect!!

Throughout the day, I had such amazing comments from so many people regarding the Cake and I couldn't have possibly asked for any better.

'Wow, you did that?'

'You're so talented'

'I had no idea you made that'

'It's Beautiful'

Not that I like to admit but not everything runs smoothly for me when decorating. There are some aspects that don't go to plan first time but... I'm so happy to admit that I didn't have a single issue with this Cake.

Everything baked well, covered well and even stacked amazingly.

Pretty chuffed to say the least!

Cake Cutting Time

It was time for my hard work, which took so many hours to make, to be cut into so many pieces - I'm joking. That's the whole point, right?

It was a Beautiful moment watching the newly weds cut their cake. They showed so much appreciation and genuine happiness which is all I hope for!

Shortly after, the kitchen team came to collect the Cake. To begin with, a man arrived on his own clearly expecting to be able to carry the Cake independently, absolutely not!

He raised his eyebrows, shook his head and walked back towards the Kitchen. Moments later, he returned again but with an assistant.

You would be surprised how heavy 'just Cake' is!

We danced the Night away.

The clock struck 12 and the day was over, although a new life has just begun for the Newly Married Couple!

Here's to Mr & Mrs Gardner!

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