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Cookie Pie

Updated: Jan 29

I had an itch that needed scratching and this was exactly what I wanted to achieve.

There was a Cookie Pie craze taking a storm on Social Media and I needed to jump on that band wagon!

This was a much longer process that I originally thought.

You just make Cookie Dough, fill it with whatever you fancy, put the lid on and bake, right?


I obviously chose the most complicated recipe, didn’t I? I always think I’m a lot more capable before actually having a go…

I guess that’s a positive attribute to have right?

This bake entered the fridge on multiple occasions before it was placed in the oven.


Once the Cookie Dough was pressed against the outside of the tin, the first layer of filling was poured onto the base. This was melted Kinder Chocolate… Yum!

This then went in the fridge to firm up. Once firm, another layer of Cookie Dough was added on top. It was time for the second filling to be added. This time, it was White Chocolate Hazelnut Spread… Now, if you have never tried this, I’d recommend getting yourself down to your nearest Morrisons and purchasing some… This tastes exactly the same to the creamy filling inside a Kinder Bueno!

Back to it… This then went back in the fridge to firm and once firm, you guessed it, another layer of Cookie Dough was placed on top. Now, the last filling was added which of course was Nutella. One last time in the fridge whilst the oven was preheating and the last layer of Cookie Dough went on top and acted as the lid of the Pie. Now this was flush with the top of the tin…

I prayed this would work. I set the time and sat down with a cup of Tea.

Maybe 10 minutes before the timing alarmed, I went into the kitchen to check on the visual state of the Pie, however was greeted by an overflowing, dripping Cookie Pie!!

AHHH… what do I do?!

I placed a baking tray underneath and waited out the rest of the baking time.

Beep, Beep, Beep! Out it came. At the point, although the oven was an absolute mess, it all still seems to be intact. There was nothing I could do until it was fully cool so I left it on the side to cool fully.

Once it was cool, I began to panic when getting it out of the tin. Because I had put so many fillings in it, what were the chances of it oozing everywhere?

I placed the tin in the freezer just to make sure that it was completely solid. I left it in there overnight…

All I could think about that night was ‘Has it worked?’.

I was so intrigued to see what the inside looked like.

The following morning, the first thing I did was take the tin straight out of the freezer and begin removing it but oh no, it was stuck!

More waiting was needed… I needed to leave it enough time to defrost slightly but not too much…

The removing began. The weight of it was ridiculous but…

Success! Look at those layers.

This baking experience was an emotional rollercoaster but one thing I learned was,

Trust the Process!

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