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When the Cake Lady gets invited to the Party!

I was asked to make this beautiful Cake going off the information of 'Fuchsia' and 'Chocolate and Salted Caramel'. The rest was left to me.

Being left in complete control of designing a Cake is what I love most!

During the time of decorating this Cake, I had my Mum (who is also called Karen) spectate from start to finish. She sat in complete awe, saying that she's baffled at how much patience and attention to detail I have.

To have her say how proud she is, means the absolute world.

After I delivered the Cake, I had to return home to get ready because, for a change, I was actually invited to this party.

It's very rare that the 'Cake Lady' gets to eat her own Cake!

It came to Cake cutting time... With drinks flowing nicely for those around me, for I, not a big drinker, was the safest person to handle a knife so of course, I happily accepted the responsibility of cutting the Cake.

I always get asked, 'Is it hard cutting a Cake that you spent so many hours making?'

The answer to that is 'Yes, sometimes!'

But Cake is made to be eaten and lets face it, you receive so much more happiness eating it than looking at it!

I got such an overwhelming response at this Cake and such amazing feedback was given not just because of it's appearance but the taste too.

Receiving this feedback personally touches differently.

You can truly see the enjoyment that people are experiencing.

That's what I aim for!

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