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Half & Half Cake!

Updated: Jan 29

This was my Sister’s 23rd Birthday Cake!

She couldn’t decide what she wanted. She wanted Kinder yet wanted White Chocolate/Milky bar too so there was only one thing for it.

I use my Birthday to experiment something new. Practice a new skill on something that doesn’t matter if it goes wrong… So on my 25th Birthday I practiced my first half & half Cake. I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome, however there were aspects of which I wasn’t so happy with.

I massively underestimated how challenging it was to stick the different sides together successfully. They kept coming unstuck and began leaning outwards.

I thought to myself ‘This requires more patience than I ever thought but let’s do this!’

Now, for a first attempt, it wasn’t half bad but there was very much room for improvement!

Fast forward 6 months…

An obvious upgrade if I say so myself. I remembered the challenges I faced previously and remained calm.

So happy with the outcome and my Sister loved it too.

I think this is such a clever idea for someone who just can’t choose their favourite Cake flavour and I’m almost certain everyone will enjoy at least one flavour!

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