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Happy Birthday to my Mum!

Updated: Jan 29

My Mum is a massive Tatty Bear fan so of course; this was the Cake to make her.

Every year, I think to myself ‘I need to try something new’ because there is no surprise reaction otherwise and honestly, the reaction I get is what makes me realise that what I do, really is worth it.

The fondant features were so much fun to make and what made a change was that I didn't need to redo anything. Sometimes it can be quite difficult to envisage the outcome but you just have the trust the process.

Now, where do I start with the Cake...

I thought to myself 'how do I get a bear shaped head?'

The amount of times I removed all my baking tins out of the cupboard to figure this out was ridiculous. And then it clicked...

Cupcakes would work perfectly.

Once the Cake was stuck together and crumb coated, it was time to add the 'fur' and yes, I stood there with a grass tip and piped the whole way around the cake.

It may have taken a little bit of time (ha).

The final piece of this puzzle was to add the fondant features. And at that point, it all came together.

It was that moment I was 100% certain (which is very rare) that she was going to love this!!

This Cake was a Victoria Sponge decorated with Vanilla Buttercream.

Extremely happy with this Cake and even happier with the response I received from my Mum!!

If you ever feel like you can’t do something, do it anyway. I can guarantee that you’ll surprise yourself.

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2 comentários

Karen adams
Karen adams
19 de abr. de 2023

I’m the mum she made it for, what shannon has failed to mention is I was very reluctant to cut the cake because I was so impressed with it 🥰


15 de abr. de 2023

Love it!!

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